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"I have been learning the drums with Antonio for five years, starting as a complete novice. He is an excellent teacher, patient, flexible and quick to identify where I am having difficulty and can always suggest a corrective exercise. I highly recommend Antonio if you are looking for some drum instruction, whether you are a beginner or advanced." - Trevor, HK

Your music goal is my goal. That is why every lesson plan is tailor-made for you.

Are you a beginner?
- Let's start you off with a good foundation of technique and avoid bad habits.

You've been playing for a while but want to level up your playing?
- Let's learn some practical vocabularies that you will use to find your own sound while you build your song repertoire.

You're an advance player but hit a brick wall?
- Let's go and explore more concepts and creativity.


The Sound Drummer Studio is located at the heart of Kowloon. 5 mins walk from the nearest MTR Station (Prince Edward).

Our goal is for you to have fun with the instrument that you chose. Learn a new skill and master your favourite songs.



Message me through the live messenger below and get your 


What My Students Are Saying

"Antonio is both a talented drummer and attentive teacher. Learning with Antonio is engaging and rewarding. Each week’s lesson is at the right level and sets me up for success the next week. He helps me develop both technique and musicality and together, we fill in the gaps in my playing. During COVID outbreaks, we have been able to make progress through classes on Zoom." - Evelyn

"We met Antonio when our son wanted to learn Drums. This was in 2016. Since then, as a multi instrumentalist who has been performing all over the globe, he has started teaching us parents as well in Guitar and Bass. Antonio is the most talented, patient and inspiring teacher we have had. He has been able to unlock and nurture a keen interest in music in our son who sees him not only as a teacher but also as a mentor guiding him through his passion for music. Because of Antonio's wealth of knowledge and experience, our son who was initially shy about performing is now in his school's rock band and not only able to use his Drum, Bass and Guitar skills, but also how to use electronic tools such as Logic Pro, mixing and recording. We moved from Hong Kong to Switzerland a year ago, but Antonio has a great multi-camera studio from where he still conducts our weekly classes. The transition has been seamless. We definitely would recommend Antonio for any age group." -The Wieland Family
"My experience with Antonio began as a student. I used to view Antonio as a drum teacher. We would stay focused on short term goals, like my audition for Berklee College of Music, while still targeting the fundamentals and overall improvement of myself as a drummer. A year later, I've been accepted into one of the most selective majors at Berklee, Electronic Production and Design. I can confidently say that I wouldn't be the musician I am today without Antonios guidance. I now view Antonio as a musical mentor. He is diverse and his experience with production, guitar, drums and many other instruments makes him an all rounded and effective educator. 

I believe one of the key skills in being a great teacher is the dedication for continued education. To focus on a specific moment that stood out to me, I was learning how to sound design and create electronic music. Antonio was more than happy to expand his own knowledge of synthesizers and sound design outside of class in order to teach our classes more effectively. He is open to learn and expand his own arsenal as a musician and I believe thats a sign of a great teacher. 
Overall, I look back at our classes and remember the valuable musical lessons I learnt, but also remember the fun we had in those classes. Music is creative and fun, beyond Antonio's abilities as a musician he is a great guy and made the process of learning fun." - Tom

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